As one of Northern California’s most distinguished distributors, we go beyond just delivering beer.


The following is a list of equipment and items that we have available for our customers to help make your events simple and successful. In complying with the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) rules and regulations, we are required by law to sell or rent all equipment to our customers at fair market value. A beer license is required for all rentals of our trailers and equipment.

Jockey Box

A Jockey Box system contains all the equipment necessary to dispense cold beer; cooler box, beer line – stainless steel coils, shank, faucet, CO² regulator, CO² tank and beer line connectors. CO ² gas is used to pressurized the keg for dispensing.

  • Rental Fee: $10.00
  • Deposit: $450.00
Picnic Pumps

A picnic pump is an inexpensive and easy way to tap a keg for your next party or event. The hand operated pump is the pressure source that forces the beer out of the keg.

  • Rental Fee: $2.50
  • Deposit: $50.00
Beer Trailer
  • Rental Fee: $75.00 (per event)
Draft Box
  • Rental Fee: $15
  • Deposit: $600 Deposit
Draft Parts For Installation

These items are sold at current market prices.


14 oz. Plastic Cups

  • $3.30 per sleeve
  • $64.00 per case (1,000 cups)

16 oz. Clear Plastic Cups

  • 3.95 a sleeve
  • $79.00 per case (1,000 cups)(1,000 cups)

Additional size cups and brand specific cups may be ordered as needed for special events at current market prices.

**For more information about cups, or any draft equipment contact your Sales Professional or the Draft Department at (530) 226-5700 ex. 310


Redding Distributing Company has an in-house Banner Department geared up to make all different size banners to suit your business’ needs. If you are looking to advertise an on-going promotion in your business or a special event, banners are a great way of advertising to your customer. Our Banner Specialist is creative and skilled with Adobe Photoshop & Corel Draw.

**ABC rules require that we must sell any banners placed on the outside of an account at current market value. Additionally, we must sell any inside banner that is customized to a specific customer or event. A banner that is not customer specific but that advertises a product brand may be provided to you at no charge.

*Redding Distributing is not required to sell banner for our non-alcoholic brands, but depending on the request we may have to charge.

Please contact your Sales Professional for current pricing and details about our banners


We service Shasta (to Lakehead), Tehama, Glenn, Trinity (to Big Bar), and Colusa (Maxwell) counties.

All brands are available in Shasta, Trinity, and Tehama counties. In Glenn, and Colusa counties we do not carry Lost Coast, Mikes, Pabst, & CCM Brands.


See below regarding information from our partners and other groups.